The Triangle Leadership Forum (TLF) is a by-product of the God-given vision of four friends who started the Charlotte Leadership Forum (CLF) in 1996. Their dream then, as ours is today, was to help men grow and develop in their relationship with God, while becoming effective leaders in their families, occupations, communities and churches.

The Forums’ pioneers, Sam, Bud, Steady and Don shared an interest in, and sympathy for, young family men caught between conflicting demands on their time and resources. Their ongoing discussions led to the fulfillment of a spiritual calling to impact the lives of young leaders through what is known today as the Charlotte Leadership Forum. CLF has helped over 100 men develop and implement a vision for God’s call on their lives by means of transformational teachings and relationship building. CLF disciples and their wives are now having a dramatic impact on their community.

Since 2004 TLF has been running classes to realize the same vision in the Triangle Area. The next class is scheduled to start inSeptember 2010.


To develop Christ-like men to be leaders in their families, occupations, communities and churches.  TLF leaders  have a clear vision for their life priorities and are:

•Upright In Character

•Servant Leaders

•Godly Husbands and Fathers

•Effective Builders of God’s Kingdom

Romans 8:29
“…to be conformed to the likeness of his son”


Triangle Leadership Forum members are a select group of young, married men who are motivated to live a purposeful life, filled with meaning, not just activity. They are part of a small group of leaders in the Triangle who desire to impact their families, workplace, communities and world for Jesus Christ.

Forum teaching is thoroughly biblical, but not simply a Bible study. Forum men are taught to apply biblical principles to their lives, which makes the leadership experience transformational rather than informational. The Triangle Leadership Forum instructs Christian men how to deal, in a practical way, with the pressures and demands of everyday life, and how to discover answers to critical questions such as:

•What does it take to be a man of integrity?

•What is God’s vision for my life?

•How do I use my gifts for God in all areas of my life?

•How do I make God’s priorities, my priorities?


Each weekend retreat and evening meeting centers around one of four major focuses: Character, Leadership, Family and Kingdom Building. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to the following:

•Developing a Heart for God

•Husband / Wife Relationships

•Servant Leadership

•Discovering God’s Vision for my Life

•Spiritual Development of the Family

•Representing Christ in the Workplace

•Balancing my Life

•Racial Reconciliation

•Moving From Success to Significance

•Personal Devotions and Prayer

•Personal Evangelism

•Loving Christ

•Small Group Relationships

•Personal Financial Management

•The Character of Jesus


Speakers are selected from a long list of nationally known, as well as local, Christian leaders who have demonstrated a long standing passion and proficiency for one of the TLFs’ four major focus areas: Character, Leadership, Family and Kingdom Building. Books, articles and tapes are provided to supplement speaker topics and to enable teaching between retreats and monthly events.

Proverbs 27:17
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”


Weekend Retreats - Members of the Forum will gather for Five weekend seminars from Friday evening until lunch time on Sunday. Two are “men only” retreats, two are for couples, and one is a mini-retreat for wives only.

Evening Meetings - Between retreats there is one evening meeting per month, except during June, July and August. Dinner is served at these meetings, and 10 of the 14 events include both husbands and wives.

Mentoring - At least once a month, a “mentor” or experienced man meets with a TLF member to share wisdom, and offer guidance and council in all areas of life.

Integrity Groups - At least twice a month, 3 members of the Forum meet together in a small group format for prayer, sharing and discovering.